Explore Heidi Gardner height and weight details exclusively on Starry Insider! Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing realm of Heidi Gardner’s cinematic journey and captivating life story.

Heidi Gardner Biography

Heidi Gardner Height

Check out the captivating Heidi Gardner Biography on Starry Insider! From her roots in Kansas City to her rise to SNL stardom, Heidi Gardner excels in the realm of laughter. Renowned for her uproarious characters such as Bailey Gismert and Mimi, she dazzles audiences with her improvisation skills, physical comedy, and remarkable impressions. As a rising star, she not only performs but also writes and entertains. Witness her comedic journey unfold before your eyes!

Date of Birth27 July 1983
Age40 Years
Birth PlaceKansas City, Missouri, United States
Home TownKansas City
MotherErny Huelke
EducationThe Groundlings, University of Missouri, Notre Dame De Sion High School, University of Kansas
ProfessionComedian, Writer, Voice Actor
Height1.75 m
Weight59 Kg
Net Worth$3 million

Heidi Gardner Height and Weight

Explore Heidi Gardner Height and Weight details exclusively on Starry Insider! Her reported height is recorded at 5 feet 8 inches (1.75 meters), with her weight commonly listed around 59 kilograms (130 lbs). It’s important to note that these figures are publicly available estimates, and variations may exist depending on different sources and when the information was gathered.

Heidi Gardner Age

Born on July 27, 1983, Heidi Gardner, as of today, February 12, 2024, is 40 years old. Keep up with the latest celebrity insights like this on Starry Insider!

Heidi Gardner Early Life and Education

Embark on a journey into Heidi Gardner Early Life and Education with Starry Insider, delving into the origins of her stardom that took root in Kansas City on July 27, 1983. Here’s an in-depth glimpse into her formative experiences:

Heidi Gardner, celebrated for her comedic brilliance on Saturday Night Live, traces her roots back to the heart of Kansas City, Missouri. Despite her initial reluctance to seek the limelight, her formative years at the Tivoli Theater, where she sold tickets and prepared popcorn, quietly laid the groundwork for her future ventures.

While acting wasn’t Heidi’s primary ambition, she found avenues to exhibit her comedic gifts during her school years. Whether performing as a flutist or stealing the spotlight in talent competitions, Heidi’s natural humor began to emerge.

After graduating from Notre Dame de Sion, where classmates foresaw her success, Heidi embarked on her collegiate path. Starting at the University of Kansas and later transferring to the University of Missouri, she explored diverse avenues before discovering her true passion.

Despite initially pursuing a conventional college experience, Heidi’s interests soon shifted towards a different realm: haircutting. Little did she realize, this unexpected detour would ultimately propel her into the comedic limelight.

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Heidi Gardner Career

On the flip side, Heidi Gardner career unfolds with a remarkable transformation:

At the age of 21, Heidi Gardner made a bold decision to pursue a career in hairdressing, leaving her textbooks behind in Kansas City and arriving in LA with a mere $600. Encouraged by a friend, she found her way to The Groundlings, a renowned improv theater, where her love for comedy was ignited.

Despite lacking formal training, Heidi threw herself into workshops at The Groundlings, dedicating herself to refining her comedic skills. Her dedication paid off when she earned a coveted spot in the Groundlings’ core program, marking the beginning of her journey towards leaving a lasting impact in the comedy world.

By 2014, Heidi had become a member of The Groundlings esteemed Sunday Company, signaling her growing prominence in the comedy scene. Within a year, she fully embraced acting, bidding farewell to her hairdressing days. Voice acting opportunities in shows like “Bratz” and “SuperMansion” followed, paving the way for her ultimate breakthrough.

In 2017, Heidi’s career reached new heights when she joined the legendary cast of Saturday Night Live, establishing herself among comedy greats. Beyond SNL, she ventured into film with roles like “Life of the Party” and graced the theater stage with her presence.

While Heidi’s versatility shines across various platforms, it’s her SNL characters that truly captivate audiences. From the melodramatic boxer’s girlfriend “Angel” to the awkward teen critic “Bailey Gismert,” each character is portrayed with comedic precision, showcasing Heidi’s exceptional talent.

From her humble beginnings to her SNL stardom, Heidi Gardner’s journey is a testament to her talent, resilience, and willingness to take risks. As she continues to spread laughter with her unique brand of comedy, it’s evident that this Missouri-born star is far from finished crafting her narrative.

Heidi Gardner Family

Discover the intricate ties that mold Heidi Gardner family dynamics in this enlightening feature on Starry Insider.

Name Relation
Erny HuelkeParents
Justin GardnerSibling
Zeb WellsSpouse

Heidi Gardner Social Media Networks

Embark on a journey through Heidi Gardner social media networks with Starry Insider, exploring her global influence. Dive into the intricacies of her online presence on various major platforms, with a special focus on Heidi Gardner’s Instagram profile:


Heidi Gardner Pictures

Heidi Gardner Net Worth

Explore the fascinating story of Heidi Gardner net worth with Starry Insider. With her consistent career advancement and diverse revenue streams, it is anticipated that her net worth will reach an impressive $3 million by 2024. Her ongoing success on “SNL” and potential new acting opportunities will undoubtedly play a significant role in this substantial growth.

Heidi Gardner Movies

Year TitleRole
2018Life of The PartyLeonor
2018Making BabiesMeg
2022HustleKat Merrick
2022Puss in Boots: The Last WishLast Baker (Voice Role)
2023LeoEli’s Mom (Voice Role)

Heidi Gardner Television Engagement

2017Mike Tyson MysteriesOld Women (Voice)
2017-PresentSaturday Night LiveVarious
2019The other TwoMona
2019VeepAmanda White
2019Alien News DeskTuva Van Void (Voice)
2019American DadVarious Voices
2019Mike Tyson MysteriesJennifer (Voice)
2020Unbreakable Kimmy SchmidtJenny
2021Close EnoughBecca (Voice)
2021Crank YankerHerself (Voice)
2022Is It Cake?Herself (Judge)
2022That Damn Michael Che

Heidi Gardner In Web Series

2015Adult WednesedayHairdresser
2015BratzYasmin (Voice)
2015-2019Super MansionCooch, Various Voces
2016College Humor OriginalsPatient

Heidi Gardner As Voice Over

2020Heads Will RollVarious Voices
2021Batman: The Audio AdventuresHarley Quinn, Miss Tueseday

Heidi Gardner on Stage

2019Noises OffBrooke Ashton / Vicki

Heidi Gardner’s Writing Credits

2015Bratz3 Episodes
2015-2017Super Mansion11 Episodes

More About Heidi Gardner

  • Is Heidi Gardner in Leo?

Heidi Gardner lends her voice to the character of Eli’s mom. As a cast member on SNL, Gardner boasts an extensive voice acting portfolio, frequently featuring in animated series like Mike Tyson Mysteries, Bratz, and Puss in Boots: The Last Wish.

  • Who is Heidi Gardner’s mom?

Erny Huelke is Heidi Gardner’s mother.

  • What high school did Heidi Gardner go to?

As a senior at Notre Dame de Sion High School in Kansas City, Heidi Gardner was voted “Most Likely to Become a Cast Member on SNL.” In 2017, this unlikely prophecy became a reality when Gardner joined the cast of Saturday Night Live for its 43rd season.

  • How old is Heidi Gardner?

Heidi Gardner, born on July 27, 1983, is currently 40 years old.

  • Who is Colleen in superstore?

Heidi Gardner was chosen to play the role of Colleen, the nemesis of Dina.

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