Discover the latest stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Prince, Jessica Chastain, Jane Fonda, and Colin Farrell in 2025. Celebrate their enduring contributions to entertainment!

It is planned that the Hollywood Walk of Fame would bestow new stars on a wide range of celebrities in recognition of various notable people in the entertainment sector. Actor Colin Farrell, celebrated actress Jessica Chastain, legendary actress Jane Fonda, and music icon Prince are among the most recent honorees. This declaration honors their achievements to the entertainment industry and represents a major turning point in their careers.

Prince, who is renowned for his innovative musical contributions and captivating live persona, will be awarded a posthumous star. In addition to winning him hordes of admirers, his distinctive fusion of funk, rock, and pop cemented his place in music history.

Prince passed away in 2016, yet his legacy lives on in musicians and music fans all around the world. His continued influence on the music industry is demonstrated by his induction into the Walk of Fame.

Jessica Chastain

Actress Jessica Chastain, renowned for her range and impactful roles, will also get recognition. Chastain has given outstanding performances in movies like Molly’s Game, The Help, and Zero Dark Thirty.

She has received widespread praise from critics and won multiple honors, including an Academy Award, for her commitment to her work and ability to vividly portray difficult people. She is being honored for her accomplishments and contributions to film with this Walk of Fame recognition.

Jane Fonda

Another recipient is Jane Fonda, a name synonymous with Hollywood royalty. Throughout her more than 60-year career, Fonda has made a big impact on activism, television, and movies. She is a well-known figure in the entertainment world and the winner of two Academy Awards.

In addition to her career in acting, Fonda is well-known for her social activism, supporting topics such as environmental protection and women’s rights. Her commitment to activism and her artistic accomplishments are honored by her star on the Walk of Fame.

Colin Farrell

A star will also be awarded to Colin Farrell, an actor well-known for his diverse roles and captivating performances. Throughout his career, Farrell has had prominent parts in movies like The Batman, The Lobster, and In Bruges.

His reputation as one of the most gifted performers of his time has been built on his ability to portray a variety of characters with depth and sensitivity. This accolade emphasizes his noteworthy achievements to the motion picture business as well as his continuing popularity as an actor.

In addition to honoring these people, the Walk of Fame ceremony highlights their enduring influence on the entertainment sector. Every star stands for a history of creative brilliance and devotion to their particular disciplines. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, which is in charge of the Walk of Fame, carefully chooses honorees who have significantly impacted the entertainment industry, making sure that each celebrity represents a portion of Hollywood’s rich past.

The varied spectrum of talents and accomplishments represented in this year’s class of awardees highlights the industry’s diversity. Posthumous celebrities like Prince and Chadwick Boseman are featured to emphasize the enduring contributions of artists who have made a lasting impression in their respective industries.

Living icons like Fonda and up-and-coming stars like Chastain and Farrell, meanwhile, demonstrate how Hollywood is changing and how both more experienced professionals and fresher talent are still influencing the direction of the business.

Celebrities like Prince, Jane Fonda, Colin Farrell, and Jessica Chastain have been announced to receive stars this year, meaning that the Hollywood Walk of Fame will soon welcome more entries. Thirty new stars will be added to the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2025 in a variety of categories, including movies, television, live theater and performance, radio, recordings, and sports entertainment.

John Carpenter, Chastain, Bill Duke, Robert Englund, Emilio Estevez, Farrell, Fonda, Nia Long, Lisa Lu, Glynn Turman, and Toni Vaz are among the motion picture recipients. This year’s TV category stars include Trey Parker and Matt Stone (in a double ceremony), Fran Drescher, Lauren Graham, Bill Nye, Molly Shannon, Sherri Shepherd, Courtney B. Vance, Chris Wallace, and others.

In the recording category, there will be awards for Fantasia, Depeche Mode, Los Bukis, The B-52s, Green Day, The Isley Brothers, Busta Rhymes, George Strait, Keith Urban, WAR, and Prince.
In the meantime, stars for live theater and live performance will go to Misty Copeland and Alan Cumming.

Adam Carolla will be the only winner in the radio category, while David Beckham and Orel Hershiser will receive awards for sports entertainment.

Stars to Receive Honors Over a Two-Year Period

After being selected, honorees have up to two years to decide on a date for their ceremonies. Steven Nissen, the president of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, Joe Mantegna, Jimmy Jam, and Niecy Nash all introduced the new entrees.

Peter Roth made the announcement, saying,

The Walk of Fame has made history once more! I am delighted to announce the illustrious honorees who will be inducted into the venerable Walk of Fame in the Class of 2025 as Chairman of the Walk of Fame Selection Committee. Each recipient genuinely exemplifies what it means to be the best in their particular industry. The committee and I am eager for our awardees to join this renowned walkway! The Walk of Fame honors the creative and cultural contributions of those who have been inducted and is still a highly esteemed accolade.

Every new star serves as a reminder of the skill, determination, and impact of individuals who have merited a spot on this famous pathway. The names of these iconic people are visible as fans and tourists stroll along Hollywood Boulevard, serving as a permanent memorial to their contributions to the entertainment industry.

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