Hollywood star Hugh Jackman turns up the heat by sharing a cheeky ‘thirst trap‘ photo with Ryan Reynolds on Instagram. Fans are loving the playful banter between the two actors!

Hugh Jackman recently posted a private “thirst trap” photo of his co-star Ryan Reynolds on Instagram, sparking followers’ admiration and laughter in a lighthearted and funny testament to their enduring friendship.

The two actors, who are well-known for their lighthearted repartee and backing of one another, have a long-standing fictitious rivalry that is extended by this incident. The image, which captured Reynolds in an informal setting, is a part of their recurring humor that has won over followers over the years.

Hollywood Heartthrob Hugh Jackman Teases Ryan Reynolds with Sizzling 'Thirst Trap' on Instagram

They have been pals for more than 17 years, having originally collaborated on “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” in 2009. Since then, the pair has grown inseparable both on and off screen, frequently pulling off silly practical jokes and making public shows of affection that emphasize their relationship.

In an unexpected Instagram post, Hugh Jackman revealed a “thirst trap” from Ryan Reynolds’ “secret collection.” The 55-year-old Wolverine actor posted a picture of himself and his companion, who is seated in a chair wearing a white singlet and grinning mischievously, on Instagram on Wednesday.

With his muscular arm prominently displayed, he gestured towards the camera. Do you want me to store this? The caption said, “— Ryan Reynolds, co-star, mouthpiece, asshole.” Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds are presently promoting “Deadpool 3,” in which they will play Wolverine and Deadpool, respectively.

With Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox, this movie will be the first time these characters appear together in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In addition to its action and humor, the film is greatly anticipated for Reynolds and Jackman’s strong chemistry, which director Shawn Levy calls “electric.”

Reynolds, who is well-known for his quick wit and pranks on social media, recently announced on Instagram that “Deadpool 3” was coming to an end with a funny photo of himself wearing a Deadpool costume.

This was followed by another lighthearted gym selfie, both of which served to maintain supporters’ interest and amusement. Jackman, meanwhile, has been just as active on social media, posting pictures from the set and their promotional events, such as a trip to Reynolds’ co-owned soccer team, Wrexham AFC.

More than 4000 people liked the Deadpool actor’s statement, and they were thrilled with his reaction in the comments section. Actress Blake Lively, Reynolds’ spouse, joined in the fun with the statement, “My thirst has been caged.” Soon, on July 24, Australian theaters will host the highly anticipated blockbuster, Deadpool & Wolverine, which stars the comic pair.

In a recent interview with People Magazine, Jackman talked candidly about his close friendship with Reynolds and how he feels comfortable talking to him about topics that he is “ashamed and humiliated” about. Jackman remarked

It is likely that we have fewer people with whom we can confide anything—things about which we feel embarrassed or ashamed,

We have spent more time going on walks together since I have known you, especially in the last five or ten years, because you are such an amazing listener.

Excitement and expectation are growing as fans impatiently anticipate the debut of “Deadpool 3” on July 26, 2024, thanks to Jackman and Reynolds’ continuous shenanigans. The film is one of the most anticipated releases of the year because of their distinct sense of humor and sincere friendship, which promises to enhance their on-screen performances.

The shocking news of Jackman and his spouse Deborra-Lee Furness’s separation was widely reported worldwide in September. He has shared a lot of odd Instagrams after splitting from the Australian actress.

The Hollywood star baffled fans in April when he posted an odd slideshow that had two images and a very brief video clip. The actor was seen in a low-quality shot appearing to be taken off guard with his eyes closed, followed by another hazy portrait of Jackman with his hand on his breast on the first slide. Fans were scratching their heads at the last slide, which featured a one-second clip of a floor.

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