Sushant Divgikr reveals a celebrity wedding was gatecrashed, sparking rumors that it was Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal’s lavish reception. Find out what went down at this star-studded event!

Sushant Divgikr, an actor and trans model, goes by the pronouns he, she, and they. He recently shared on Instagram that he saw a number of individuals “gatecrash” a celebrity wedding. He wrote:

Just witnessed multiple people gate-crashing and/or attempting to gate-crash a famous wedding lately, it is unbelievable that people will dress up, seem as though they are invited, and then enter undetected, For what happiness? So, you can just come in and start making reels? I find it unbelievable that individuals can be so faaaaltu.

Well-known transgender actress and model Sushant Divgikr revealed on social media that outsiders barged into a celebrity wedding they were attending. Internet users rapidly deduced that the wedding in question was the actor Zaheer Iqbal and Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha’s reception.

Several personalities from the business attended the lavish party that took place in Mumbai. Both fans and the media have expressed interest in Sonakshi and Zaheer’s wedding. After dating for a number of years, the pair married on June 23, 2024, in a small ceremony that was followed by an opulent banquet.

It appears that unwanted people made it in despite their best efforts to keep the celebration quiet, which caused a disturbance among the participants. When Sushant Divgikr brought up the gatecrashing incident, it became evident how difficult it is for celebrities to keep their privacy during such public occasions.

Prominent figures from Bollywood attended the couple’s reception at Bastian, a well-known location owned by Shilpa Shetty. The elegant guest list included elegant décor in tones of ivory and white.

The wedding itself reflected the couple’s own taste with a blend of traditional and modern features. The ceremony went well in spite of the unplanned interruption, and the newlyweds celebrated a big turning point in their relationship by spending happy times with their loved ones.

Over the years, Sonakshi and Zaheer have rarely discussed their relationship in public, preferring to keep it low-key. Fans and fellow film business professionals expressed their delight and congratulations over their choice to finally make it public.

Despite the incident involving the gatecrashing, the couple’s love journey, which was characterized by respect and regard for one another, ended in a celebration that will be cherished for its warmth and beauty.

Dazzling Personality of Sushant Divgikr

Sushant Divgikr

A dynamic and varied Indian personality, Sushant Divgikr is well-known for his lively presence in the entertainment world. Sushant gained notoriety as a competitor on the reality show “Bigg Boss,” captivating viewers with his captivating demeanor and bold demeanor.

Known by his stage name Rani Ko-HE-Nur, he is a well-known drag queen who dazzles audiences with his dynamic shows that combine dance, music, and fashion to subvert social norms and support the rights of LGBTQ+ people.

Beneath the flash and glamour, Sushant is an unwavering supporter of inclusiveness and diversity. His performance on “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa” demonstrated his extraordinary singing ability and secured him a position among the top contenders.

Sushant also engages in social activism, using his platform to advocate for causes important to the LGBTQ+ community in India. He is now seen as a role model by many, who are motivated to stand up for their rights and accept their genuine selves by his bravery and authenticity. Sushant’s path demonstrates his adaptability and tenacity.

His journey from reality TV star to a change-maker has had a lasting impression on the entertainment industry. He is a captivating character who consistently pushes limits and redefines what it means to be an artist and advocate in modern-day India thanks to his ability to combine activism with entertainment.

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